​​​​Single player or entire team

​We are excited to capture the ACTION for you!

​Action SPORTS Photography


Sports Action Photography details

Single player session. Focus is on one player per game.
*Advantage = many more images of your child than with a team session.
Action photos of before game activities, during game action, and also after game activities. All prints purchased separate.

Team sessions. Focus is on the action surrounding the ball.  *No guarantee all players will be represented*
*Advantage = much less expensive per player and will 'more than likely' have a few images of your child.
Action photos of before game, during game action, and also after game activities. All prints puchased separate.
~We strive to capture multiple images of all players every game. But, success depends on amount of time player is in the game, and if they are in the action at all during the game. A less action game may allow for other candid non-action images. A higher action game usually will result in less candid non-action shots taken.

Prices and more details are on our "pricing" page.

Custom Cut-Out Collages available for sport images 

*all collages are custom made, please ask for details*