original photo taken by Snyder Photography 2013

6 images published in the Greater Lehigh Valley photo book

Photo used for the cover of the White's Accessories Catalog

Using the camera and light to create beautiful images is an art form. Anyone can snap a picture. An artist creates an image.

A good photograph should spark a feeling, take you on a journey, tell you a story. We believe that a picture IS worth a thousand words.

Lonnie got his start in photography in the 1980s, where he spent a good amount of time in the dark room and studio. His technical knowledge makes him a great asset to this duo. He is partial to portraiture and has a magical ability to make children feel comfortable with his silly personality. "Few things bring me more happiness than creating an image that stirs an emotion or simply brings joy. After over 20 years, freezing a moment in time is still magical to me."


Kerry has been an artist of sorts her whole life. She views the world different than most others and is always excited to show you the world through her eyes. She sees everything as a photograph and can always be found with some sort of camera in hand, even if it is just her cell phone, she is constantly capturing moments. "I am most happy when I am creating something, photographing, or drawing and painting."


We are a husband and wife photography team with over 20 years experience in portraiture, landscapes, special events and other creative projects. Whether photographing your family in the park, capturing the fine details of your wedding, or creating quality images of products for your website or social media pages, we look forward to working with you!